I don’t have bitcoin, how do I get some bitcoin? 

Buy Bitcoin:  Coinmama.com or Bitcoin.com

  Why do I have to pay in bitcoin?
Due to the controversial material in this program, PayPal, Stripe and other major financial institutions would not allow it. 
Paying in Bitcoin is also gives you anonymity as there are no banks, governments or third parties to moderate your purchase.
If you are interested in how to pay other ways please    contact me on telegram    or email me at    [email protected]  

How To Buy The Digital Pickup

1. Download Bitcoin.com wallet from AppStore

 2. Open BTC wallet

3. Click “Receive”

4. Copy your Bitcoin wallet address number
Example: 1FeYkd2nqjyaWkFxh46SKRZtHJt1cW91Mw

9.  Select Bitcoin as Payment method

10.  Send your Bitcoin to the address generated
– There are two ways to send your bitcoin, by scanning the QR code or by copying the address and sending the amount requested.

11.  Check your email (spam folder) for login information!
– You’re done